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Dangers of Prolonged Labor

October 18, 2021
What Is Prolonged Labor? Labor is the process where a mother gives birth to a baby, where the baby and placenta exit from the uterus during childbirth. Prolonged labor refers to a slower-than-normal birthing process for a mother and newborn....
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What Causes Lack of Oxygen in Newborns?

September 7, 2021
What is a Lack of Oxygen for a Newborn?  Oxygen is a critical part of any human’s survival. Asphyxia occurs whenever the flow of oxygen is interrupted for any amount of time. For a newborn, this can occur during pregnancy,...
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The Impact of Negligent Fetal Monitoring

August 1, 2021
Fetal monitoring can be used to describe a range of monitoring techniques used (mostly) during labor and delivery, but also during pregnancy. Most frequently, however, fetal monitoring refers to monitoring the baby’s heartbeat. Practitioners can derive quite a bit of...
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