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Statutes of Limitations May Not Apply To Your Case

Every state has a set of statutes of limitation. “Statutes of limitation” are set periods in time in which an injured person (or their loved ones if they are deceased) must bring a lawsuit. Generally, if a claim is not brought within the time frame specified in the statute of limitations, it can no longer be brought.

However, statutes of limitation generally DO NOT apply to birth injuries or injuries to children. In addition, if an individual has been severely injured in childhood and is now a severely disabled adult, it is possible that a claim for the childhood injury may still be brought on behalf of the severely disabled adult.

Even if you believe or have been previously told that the statute of limitations has expired with respect to your child’s injury, or if you have been told that your adult child can no longer bring a claim, we would be happy to review the facts and circumstances of the case and advise you if a claim can still be made. You can trust Charles H. Thronson, an experienced birth injury lawyer, to review your birth injury claim and see if you have a case.

There is no cost or obligation for this review.


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