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Charles H. Thronson: Award Winning Attorney

Charles H. Thronson has handled over 40 birth injury cases around the United States, often resulting in multi-million dollar resolutions. He has amassed many successful major verdicts, including a record of $11.2 million award in Utah for a medical malpractice case on behalf of a man seriously injured during a non-indicated brain surgery. In 2014, he won for his client a record-setting arbitration award in a medical malpractice case regarding a sciatic injury that occurred during a lithotripsy procedure.

With meticulous precision, he evaluates the underlying events of each case before proceeding with a medical malpractice case only when it has been supported by highly qualified experts. He recognizes that the defendants in the cases he handles rely on the enormous resources of their insurers that will aggressively defend cases even when there is no defense. Despite the financial resources of the insurance companies supporting the defendants, he has continued to achieve success at trial due to his commitment to justice and his clients.

Other major verdicts include a $1.4 million verdict for a Cache County, Utah, family regarding the wrongful death of their wife and mother due to a surgeon’s negligence during and after a hernia repair. He obtained a verdict of $1.6 million for a turkey farmer in Moroni, Utah, who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when he was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler pulling two trailers of milk.


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