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Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

We help parents whose children suffered birth trauma or injuries during labor and delivery which resulted in problems or difficulties for a newborn infant. When the worst happens, and a child is catastrophically injured, the response by the nurses or doctors unfortunately all too often is “We have no idea…

Medical Malpractice

We help parent whose children have suffered as a result of mistakes made by doctors, nurses, pharmacies or other healt care professionals. Compensation includes past, present and future medical, therapy, nursing and long-term attendant care expenses, respite care, equipment and supplies, architectural modifications to an existing residence or the purchase…

Birth Injury Attorney

Charles H. Thronson is a Utah birth injury lawyer, Senior Partner & Chairman at Parsons Behle & Latimer Law Firm. As one of Salt Lake City, Utah’s top rated birth injury attorneys, Mr. Thronson has handled an exceptional number of cases for birth trauma and seriously injured children, in the…

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